We are a membership community for a new generation of Christian women entrepreneurs

Christian women entrepreneurs who are cultivating boldness instead of conformity. Women who want to unappologeticaly grow their income and impact on these internet streets. And guess what? THEY CAN.

We believe the formula for success is simple: FAITH+OBEDIENCE= SUCCESS. But we know entrepreneur-ing day-to-day doesn't always feel that simple.

We know it takes guts to put your brand "out there" and that being obedient invites opposition.

And ya, we know it also takes time, money, and marketing skills to build a platform for your message to even be heard (or to put food on the table, Amen??).

Nope, growing your income and impact online ain't quick or easy.

But through our free membership community & online resources, it can be.

What's inside

Pop the virtual bubbly, here's what you get:

  • Online Business Training

    From list building to branding, our quick video tutorials and mini-trainings are a surefire way to grow and scale your online business.

  • Downloadable Workbooks & Cheat Sheets

    Download as many of these heavenly workbooks, cheatsheets, and other PDF goodies as you'd like.

  • Expert Guest Features

    From Bible study tools to personal development and business trainings, meet and learn even more from our featured pros.

  • Private Facebook Community

    Access the private Facebook page for She Is Bold members and strike up new friendships and collaborations with like-minded women.

  • Topical Discussion Forums

    Get feedback, suggestions, and answers to all your marketing Q's using our discussion forums inside the membership community.

  • Exclusive Email Swag

    When you sign up for our free membership you'll also get our members-only Monday Motivation newsletter packed with exclusive offers, discounts, and collab opportunities you won't find anywhere else--F'real!

Word On The Street

“She is bold has been an INVALUABLE resource to me in growing my business on Instagram and keeping the flames of my faith stoked during my pursuit of entrepreneurship.”

Amanda Schenkenberger of Move The MoutainsAmanda Schenkenberger of Move The Moutains

“I LOVE the members-only newsletter! It's difficult to sort the "keep" emails from the "delete" emails in a flooded inbox, but Monday Motivation from She Is Bold is always a keeper!”

Melanie Rudy, Team Beachbody CoachMelanie Rudy, Team Beachbody Coach

“"SO MUCH CLARITY!!-- I had played around a little bit with my Facebook ads account, but didn't really understand what was working, not working and where to spend my money. I like to learn how it works, and she showed me step by step what was working for me, how to check reports and what to focus on next."”

Gaylene Gomez, Compass Rose NutritionGaylene Gomez, Compass Rose Nutrition

“"NOTHING SHORT OF MOMENTUM AND GROWTH! --Samantha has this amazing ability to step into your business and create clarity where there is overwhelm. Her wisdom when it comes to marketing is a gift and she is able to communicate in such a way that makes it simple and actionable. And she does all that while having this insane belief in you. The mix of all that together leads to nothing short of momentum and growth!"”

Ashley Beaudin, Imperfect BossesAshley Beaudin, Imperfect Bosses

“"I just started working with Samantha Royer, Marketing Extraordinaire, and her outside perspective is proving to be the most valuable thing I've done for my business and brand going forward! In our recent conversations we've been having all of the praise hands, I-get-you moments and goosebumps as we see our aligned values and future visions going hand in hand."”

Anna Otto,As Always AnnaAnna Otto,As Always Anna

“"I can't thank her enough! Our relationship has been life-changing from the beginning. From the very moment I met her, I knew she spoke my language. From marketing, to Jesus' love, to what it looks like to take baby steps in the midst of comparison and #allthethings, she has been my go-to and for that I am forever grateful."”

Marieanna WildMarieanna Wild

“"Mad skills! She was always great at presenting information in a way that was digestible and actionable while establishing plans to reach bottom-line goals. Samantha is hard-working and smart, and she manages to make some of the daunting business tasks fun!"”

Stacie Marshall, Marshall Arts PhotographyStacie Marshall, Marshall Arts Photography

“"Booked 4 clients just 20 minutes after launch!--I didn't even know where to start with my email list. Samantha guided me through the set up and helped me brainstorm some of the most creative campaign ideas! I booked 4 clients just 20 minutes after launch!"”

Whitney Beegle, Beyond The FringeWhitney Beegle, Beyond The Fringe

“"SHE PLANNED IT ALL! --From how much I needed to make, to what exact marketing things would get me to my goal. She gave me the roadmap to know exactly what to work on and I had the confidence I needed back up by easy-to-understand numbers!"”

Ashley Davis, Key Renter RVAAshley Davis, Key Renter RVA

“Everything Samantha puts out is marketing GOLD. I've learned everything from hashtag strategies to copywriting and can't thank her enough!”

Cassandra Speers of Speer and ArrowsCassandra Speers of Speer and Arrows

Meet Samantha Royer

Your marketing bff and founder of She Is Bold.

Hey! I'm Samantha (and yes it's ok to call me Sam!) I'm the bubbly blonde marketing nerd and leader of SIB. I help women just like you become confident in your marketing decisions, so you can be the fierce money maker and storyteller you were called to be. I adored working on marketing strategies for big name brands like Proverbs 31 Ministries and Girlfriends and God for over 7 years in the corporate world... but NOTHING lights me up more than being able to serve like-minded small business gals like yourself in the #sheisboldfam .


  • Uh, why is this free? What's the catch?

    No catch, no credit card. The free membership stemmed from a void in the space-- a safe place for all the sticky biz + faith questions, a community of bold, like-minded women, and to fulfill a vision laid on my heart: that women who are called to entrepreneurship would have zero excuse not to be successful online. This is my service to the community...a way for other women in the space to give back...and the platform for you to "Be Bold. Get heard. Spread The Word.™"

  • Who is this for?

    This is for you if you are a modern, ambitious female entrepreneur, creative, aspiring influencer, influencer, or any other type of online business owner who is looking to grow and scale their online business and influence unapologetically...and with confidence.

  • I'm not sure about She Is Bold, where can I learn more?

    We're glad you wanna get know us even more. For more info on She Is Bold, you can visit our website at www.sheisbold.com or find us on Instagram @sheisboldco.

  • I have a question or suggestion, who do I contact?

    Got another question or suggestion even?? Shoot us an email directly to hello@sheisbold.com and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

  • Is this a course?

    Nope. The She Is Bold membership community is a library of pre-recorded content, downloadables, and discussion forums so you can learn and grow at your own pace. The content is quick and actionable-- none of that 30-day "course" stuff that just leaves you in overwhelm(or that you just skip through anyways) because let's be honest, #aintnobodygottimeforallthat . You'll get weekly motivation in your inbox including updates on all new monthly releases to the SIB library and exclusive content not found anywhere else, not even the blog. It's our hope that by providing you with this type of community, that you'll cultivate the boldness you need to create unstoppable business momentum and continue to steward your gifts #forHisglory.